How to Use ArmorMe Backpacks

Two Panel: Front-Back Protection

Unzip side closures to create double-protection with front and back panels.

Step 1

Position over the head, with a strap on either side, coming to rest on the shoulders.

Step 3

Side View

Step 4

Separate rear panel from main backpack section.

Step 2

Secure side straps and take cover.

Step 4

Two Panel: Double-Front Protection

Remove backpack.

Step 1

Unzip the panel and pull the pull it down to cover the lower part of your body

Step 3

Position over your chest, with your arms under that straps.

Step 2

Take cover and wait for instructions from authorities

Step 4

Single Panel: Two Options

Remove backpack and move to chest positions, threading your arms through the straps.

Option 1

Kneel or lie down, holding the backpack in front of you to serve as a shield

Option 2





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