Cleverly hiding a wall of protective material and field-tested by Israeli security and military experts, the ArmorMe backpack offers the peace-of-mind you’ve been waiting for. Sure, it looks and feels like a regular eco-friendly canvas backpack – so your child will fit right in with his or her friends – but inside, it’s reinforced with a bullet-resistant material that can help protect your child in the case of a violent incident. 


Designed for daily use, ArmorMe is an affordable, durable backpack that will easily carry books and school gear – you’ll be pulling crumpled assignments, overdue library books and smashed snacks out of it for years to come!


But if the unthinkable happens, it also can be used as a shield to stop a knife, bullets from a pistol, or from other light weapons. Even in the case of heavier ammunition, the ArmorMe backpack will significantly increase survival odds.


Flexible, light-weight bulletproof materials were invented over 50 years ago and ours is still the most popular material used for gunshot protection. Yes, it adds extra weight to the backpack; while a fraction of the weight that knights had to contend with in days of yore, armor’s protection does come with an extra heft that takes getting used to.


The ArmorMe backpack: Protection for your child, peace-of-mind for yourself.